The term "GONG BATH" or "GONG SHOWER" refers to being bathed in sound waves where the gong is played in Sound Therapy.

Before you have your Gong treatment there are a few things to share with you so that you know what to expect, and so that you can make the most of your experience with the gongs :

-There is no need to undress and the Gong Bath or Gong Shower can be received sitting up or lying down; If you have a preference please tell your Practitioner in advance


- Please arrive on time or a little early. A minimum of one hour will be allowed for your treatment session, plus recovery time.


- Please wear comfortable clothing


- It’s advisable not to have a heavy meal or alcohol beforehand


- You won’t be expected to do anything – this is your time to be open, and receive.


- Your Gong Practitioner will provide a caring, compassionate, safe, supportive space during and after your treatment session.


- The Gong space is a neutral space of no judgement. So you can trust your Gong Practitioner to allow you to just be how you are.


- There will be gong sounds and probably also sounds made by other compatible instruments.


- Client confidentiality is assured. Please know that everything that takes place in the Gong healing space will be kept strictly between you and your Gong Practitioner.